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From the moment your teen steps into this season, you know that there are remarkable changes that are bound to happen. You recognize that high school is a time where your teen starts to value connections with others. Your teen begins to ask life’s big questions, gains more responsibilities, and ultimately is on a quest to discover his or her purpose.


As a parent, it’s your desire for your high schooler to be in an environment where he or she can be guided — mentally, emotionally, and most importantly, spiritually — through all these changes.


At Plumstead Christian School, this is what we offer. As a private Christian high school in Bucks County, PA, we work hand-in-hand with parents like you who want an education that not only prepares teens for college, but also equips them with the faith and virtues they need to excel in life.

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The PCS Difference
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The PCS Difference


Faith. Virtue. Knowledge.


What sets Plumstead Christian School apart from other schools? Whether you’re transitioning from a public school, a private school, or considering a shift from your homeschool experience, we’re glad to offer deeply meaningful opportunities for your teen to thrive in our community.

Academic Potential

At PCS, we offer the right blend of challenge and support in our core subject offerings. Preparing for college is central to our approach — honors classes, dual enrollment, shadowing projects, as well as symposiums are all part of the high school experience. In addition, your teen can choose from 10 different AP courses including Language, History, Biology, and Computer Science.

Our Approach

Intentional Mentorship

Your teen will meet and get to know teachers and staff who live out their faith day-to-day. Whether it’s during lunch time where they discuss life lessons or when they talk about teamwork and perseverance after a game, students experience what it’s like to be mentored by people who see them, value them, and celebrate with them in their personal and educational achievements.

Growth Opportunities

We’ve built out rich opportunities for high schoolers to discover and refine their God-given gifts. Our fine arts program is one of our flagship offerings with outstanding experiences in Visual Arts, Choral Music, Instrumental Band, Handbells, and Musical Theatre. In addition, your teen can engage in our twelve sports, as well as enjoy our clubs and electives including Culinary Arts, Band, Choir, Art, Public Speaking, Mock Trial, Yearbook, and more.

Fine Arts Program

Christ-Centered Culture

Here at PCS, biblical values are not just taught, but experienced in our school culture. We provide a safe and positive environment for high schoolers where they discover their unique identity in Christ, embrace and learn from each other’s differences, and love others as He has loved.

We’re happy to answer any questions you may have.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Admissions team at (215) 766-8073 or admissions@plumsteadchristian.org if you want to know more about our high school programs.

College Preparation


Unlocking every student’s potential.


As your teen embarks on his or her journey toward high school, you know that it’s a critical period in preparing for the next steps. At PCS, your teen isn’t just a face in the crowd. The smaller class sizes, caring teachers, and a more structured program, allow for students to be fully equipped with the knowledge, skills, and character to succeed in college and beyond.

9th Grade

In 9th grade, students are given the opportunity to meet with the school counselor. They collaborate with students to create an academic plan and career and interest profiles. In addition, they receive guidance on what colleges are looking for in applicants. Students who are up for the challenge are also encouraged to pursue honors classes and our scholar’s diploma.

10th Grade

10th grade students are given a full-scope orientation of the SAT and ACT college admissions tests with the option of taking the PSAT. During this time, our school counselor will meet with your teen one-on-one to continue college preparation plans which includes the use of scholarship searches and career exploration tools. In addition, our 10th graders’ mental and emotional wellness is supervised to ensure that they are thriving in all aspects.

11th Grade

At 11th grade, your teen will receive intentional support in registering and preparing for the SAT and ACT exams. Students are also required to participate in a job shadowing project in their area of interest to learn valuable skills in the field they’re passionate about. Aside from the continuous support of the school counselor in academic planning, parents of 11th graders are also invited to a support night where they can have an overview of what to expect during the college applications process. During the spring of junior year, students are strongly encouraged to attend a week-long college tour where they have the opportunity to visit colleges across the state.

12th Grade

During 12th grade, our students receive information on document submission deadlines, as well as intentional guidance on the whole college admissions process. Your teen will also continually have opportunities to pursue AP, honors, and dual enrollment courses which will help in the transition to college. SAT and ACT exam preparation and guidance are also given at this time. The school counselor meets with each senior throughout the year to provide additional support in career exploration or to search for applicable scholarship opportunities.

“From day one, the school was so welcoming and made him and us feel at home. It has been wonderful for our son and entire family to be part of a community of Christians that share the same values. The school has been a true blessing to us.” 

– Scott & Jamie Marshall, PCS High School parents

School Culture

A community that reflects Jesus Christ.

Here at PCS, we’re all about embodying a culture that reflects the fruits of the Holy Spirit. Teachers and staff stay true to Christ-centered values; modeling empathy, kindness, respect for others, and a heart that desires to seek God in all areas of life. High school students experience a culture that guides them through:

Our Culture

Positive relationships

Meaningful relationships are the foundation of our school culture. Through our student-faculty mentorships and regular advisor meetings, your teen can feel inspired and have a strong grasp of what it means to live and love like Christ.

Spiritual disciplines

Chapel services, Bible classes, and Life Calling courses all highlight the spiritual disciplines we instill in high schoolers. We encourage students to develop the habit of prayer in order to seek God’s guidance first in all the choices they wish to pursue.

Prioritizing safety

At PCS, your teen will experience a safe environment where all students are respected, valued, and loved for their unique selves. Students belong to a community where they have the opportunity to share each other’s joy, while receiving support when needed.

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