Education Improvement Tax Credit (EITC)

If you owe state taxes to Pennsylvania as an individual or as a company, wouldn’t you rather send that money to Plumstead Christian School to be used for Tuition Assistance? With a two-year commitment to the EITC program a participant received 90% of his or her gift back as a PA state tax credit. Example: if an individual has a PA state tax liability of $5,000 or more, an EITC gift of $5,000 to Plumstead Christian School only costs the participant $500 out-of-pocket. The remainder of the gift is returned to the participant as a PA state tax credit. Email to participate in this program.

“If I have ever been confronted with a truly rewarding and helpful program for Plumstead Christian School, EITC is it! As a financial professional (as well as parent, grandfather, and Christian) I don’t come across too many “no brainers” in our lifetime, but I would have to say, in my opinion, that this is one of them. To be able to significantly offset up to 90% of my state income tax owed each year with tax credits based on my giving to PCS is a win-win. The EITC program allows me to significantly support Christian education in my local area with only a minor incremental cost. I would encourage anyone with a passion for Christian education to get educated and avail himself or herself of this very meaningful program.” – Scott Shaw, President and Senior Financial Advisor at Veritas Strategies

“C&N is pleased to be in a position to support Plumstead Christian School. Through the PA EITC program and the school’s quality educational program, we can help create more opportunities for today’s students to become tomorrow’s leaders. We are optimistic that both corporations and individuals will be inspired to support education through this meaningful program.” – From Blair T. Rush, Southeast Region President of C&N 

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