Why Values Matter: 3 Benefits of a Christian Education for Your Child in Elementary School

Elementary school marks a special time in your child’s life. As a parent, you recognize that your child is growing right before your eyes — they’re starting to make friends, absorbing more knowledge about the world, and picking up valuable lessons as they tread this new path.

Perhaps you’re concerned at this stage. You don’t want your child to be exposed to ideologies that don’t align with your values. More importantly, you desire an environment that will help your child grow spiritually, which is why you’re considering a Christ-centered education. But you want to know: 

Does it matter if my child receives a faith-based education in elementary school? 

What are the benefits of attending a Christian school?

In this post, we’ll uncover the answers to these questions.

Benefits of a Christian School in Elementary

Building a faith-filled foundation

Your child’s education can powerfully impact how they view God, themselves, and others. A Christ-centered elementary school will help your child build on the strong spiritual foundation you’ve worked hard to instill in them at home.

At Plumstead Christian School’s Lower School (Preschool-5th) in Chalfont, PA, we integrate a biblical worldview into every part of the learning process. Elementary school students study God’s Word, participate in devotions, attend chapel time, and understand the world through the lens of the Bible. What does this look like?

  • Understanding life sciences (humans, plants, and animals) as God’s creation.
  • Developing gifts (art, music, academics) as a way to honor God.
  • Learning to have a biblical worldview by keeping Christ at the center of every subject area (reading, writing, math, social studies, and more). 

PCS elementary students are continuously exposed to Christ-centered materials and activities, deepening their faith and understanding of God.

Cultivating meaningful relationships

As a parent, you envision your child having friends and teachers who care for them and celebrate who they are. In an elementary Christian school, you’ll find an atmosphere where God’s love is felt through intentional relationships.

The small class sizes at PCS allow teachers to know students personally — their unique learning styles, thoughts, feelings, and distinct perspectives. As a result, teachers find opportunities to instill God’s Word in action. Whether telling children to be considerate of others when taking turns in the playground or remembering to listen and acknowledge a classmate’s thoughts, students know what it means to apply biblical values in and out of the classroom.

Boys walking in school hallwayFocusing on character development

You recognize that character development isn’t taught as one big lesson; rather, it’s a culmination of all your child’s experiences growing up. Values such as empathy, perseverance, discipline, and integrity are learned through day-by-day moments.

Another great benefit of enrolling your child in a Christian elementary school is the emphasis on character growth. 

At PCS, character development is woven into our academic program, community, and school culture. It’s our deepest desire to instill these Christ-centered values early on, even in our youngest students. Every subject lesson, interaction, and activity is designed to plant the seed of God’s Word in each child that will yield fruit for years to come

Looking for a private Christian elementary school in Bucks County, PA?

We know that values matter to you as a parent — the right learning environment makes all the difference. 

As you consider options for your child, we invite you to schedule a tour at Plumstead Christian School! It’s a great way to discover our strong academic programs, meet our caring teachers, and get a feel for our connected community where your child can thrive.

Tap here to plan your visit to Plumstead Christian School. We look forward to meeting your family!

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