How Do Teachers Influence Students In High School?

Understanding an educator’s sphere of influence


“A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.” 

– Henry Adams


There’s a lot to be said about the powerful mark of a teacher. You may recall a kindergarten teacher who showed you a warm, welcoming smile or that high school coach who gave you just the right words to run the last lap. They make us feel seen, they inspire us, and they can push us toward growth

At the same time, their words and actions — if not shown in the right ways — can have the power to hurt us as well.

So, how do teachers influence students in high school? As a parent, you want to discover the different ways they instill values in your child. You’re searching for a place where your teen can feel encouraged by caring mentors.

At Plumstead Christian School, your teen will be surrounded by teachers who pray for them and build them up with words of encouragement. We invite you to explore the many ways that teachers can build up your teen and how we provide that supportive environment for students.


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Teachers can strengthen your teen’s character and faith.


PCS teacher mentorship

As a parent, it’s very rewarding to find a school that reflects the values you teach at home. You want your teen to cultivate character traits such as kindness, respect, love for others, perseverance, and empathy. Most importantly, you want an environment that fosters the love of Christ.

How can interactions with teachers influence students? In a world where varied opinions and worldviews can pull your teen in different directions, Christ-centered teachers carry the torch of influence when it comes to being models and mentors of faith. They can uplift, inspire, and guide your teen in navigating the complexities of high school life.

That’s why at PCS we’ve built pillars that students can lean on as they grow in their spiritual walk.

  • Bible study and devotions: During lunchtime, students have the opportunity to experience genuine fellowship with teachers and peers as they dive deep into God’s Word.
  • Advisories: Our advisory team meets weekly with students, leading them into small groups to discuss faith-related questions and ways they can be involved in the school community.
  • Teacher mentorship: A big part of our culture is making the most of every opportunity for students to understand God’s love. Our teachers mentor in the day-to-day, from teaching lessons through a biblical perspective to our coaches imparting faith-filled life lessons during rest breaks.


Teachers help develop a love of learning.


In high school, your teen may tackle challenging subjects like calculus and physics. If he or she isn’t particularly fond of memorizing dates and events, learning more advanced topics in history can feel like a chore.

With the right teachers, your teen can develop a passion for learning in subjects that he or she even finds difficult. Whether it’s showing an exciting presentation on-screen, passing a cool artifact around to examine, or hosting a quiz bee, intentional teachers know how to keep students interested in learning.

At PCS, we take this to the next level by not only hiring teachers who engage students in active learning, but also hiring teachers who individually follow up with students in Advisory Groups to encourage and challenge them in subject areas when needed.


Teachers can push your teen to pursue growth.


Beyond academics, caring teachers love to see students find joy in their passions and interests. PCS  teachers will help your teen discover what he or she loves to do, and then, they will provide avenues where his or her talents can shine.

PCS provides many opportunities for students to explore their God-given gifts. Beyond the classroom, teens can immerse themselves in:



Class Trips: Teachers take students on educational trips, such as museum tours in Washington D.C. and New York. Together, they explore new places in small group settings to learn about culture and to try local food.

Retreats: Students and teachers participate in a fun-filled, memorable retreat where they listen to a keynote speaker explain scripture and engage in teambuilding activities.

Athletics & Clubs: Many coaches of our athletic teams are also teachers, giving student-athletes the motivation they need to succeed. You’ll also see our teachers present at our home games to cheer on our athletes. In addition, teachers are involved with student clubs, providing guidance on current and upcoming projects.

Leadership Development: Our faculty and staff mentor students in different areas of leadership development such as  Student Government, the National Honor Society, and our Student Ambassador Program.


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