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Middle school is a time of growth and exploration. Your child is gradually becoming independent as they discover new interests and passions. At this stage, they are learning to balance more responsibilities in school and at home. You are aware of the challenges they face, and you desire for them to succeed as they continue to develop physically, mentally, socially, and spiritually.


As a parent, you envision a warm, welcoming community where they can grow in Christ-centered values. At the same time, you recognize how important it is for your child to stay balanced and excel in his or her learning.

Developing Independent Learners

At Plumstead Christian School, your middle schooler will have many opportunities to develop a lifelong love of learning. Our program encourages learning through exploration. Your child will be inspired to ask thoughtful questions and encouraged to use critical thinking skills to solve real life problems.

Below, you will find an overview of what our middle school program offers, including:

School Culture
Preparation for Upper School
Campus Safety

School Culture

A Christ-Centered Community

Middle school is a season where your child can ask questions about who they are and what they stand for. This is a crucial period where your child will be influenced by outside forces. Their environment will impact how they develop their moral compass and character.

Plumstead Christian School offers a Christ-like, caring community where students are honored and respected as their unique selves. As a private Christian middle school, students are encouraged to participate in activities to build their faith, such as:

• Weekly small group meetings
• Prayers and devotionals
• Engaging in the community
• A time to reflect on how they can grow spiritually

Christ-centered values are woven throughout our curriculum and supporting activities, helping students to see how character development can impact their lives and the people around them.

Plumstead Christian School sponsors a variety of Middle School community events that help students develop healthy friendships, including field trips, service projects, prayer walks, school dances and sports competitions. Our community is large enough for students to appreciate diversity and build relationships, but small enough so that everyone is seen, recognized, and valued.

Growth through mentorship and partnering with parents

PCS teachers provide opportunities for middle schoolers to grow academically and spiritually. Our small class sizes allow for teachers to celebrate each student’s strengths and help them understand and improve their educational gaps. We partner with parents, allowing them to join us in the vision of raising Christ-like future leaders.

PCS believes in leading students with love and grace, guiding them through wisdom and restoration.

“The three years my daughter has spent in Middle School at PCS have been the most beneficial and rewarding years of her academic career. She is thriving both academically and spiritually. She knows she is valued as a student and person in the PCS community. She has built positive, lasting friendships and is going into high school, prepared and confident.” 

– Middle School Parent at PCS


Rigorous learning rooted in biblical principles

Middle School is more than just a bridge between Lower School and Upper School — it’s a time where your child develops the foundation for their future study habits, personal interests, and academic pursuits. Finding a school that challenges your child academically, while setting the right pace with the right amount of guidance, will set them up for middle school success and beyond.

At Plumstead Christian School, we offer challenging academics that encourage independent thinking and exploration:

• Mastery of core subjects: Bible, English, Math, Science, History & Geography
• Honors courses: Providing advanced academic curriculum for exceptional learners
• Curriculum with biblical integration: Honoring God through the work they do
• Emphasis on critical thinking and writing: Building blocks for high school preparation
• Inquiry-based learning: Empowering students to ask thoughtful questions in their pursuit of knowledge

Raising leaders of tomorrow

Along with growing towards independence, PCS has several programs to hone leadership skills. There are opportunities to participate in:

• Student Council
• Student Ambassador Program
• Community service inside the school and through outside associations
• Small group discussions and collaborations

Educating and enriching your child holistically

Middle school students are encouraged to engage in clubs, electives, and other co-curricular activities that provide a rich learning experience where they can explore their passions and build their identity. We  provide students with the resources to pursue their interests, allowing each student to reach his or her full potential. 

STEAM learning

We create opportunities for students to learn through projects and experiments in our cutting-edge science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics program.

Interscholastic athletics

We hone our students’ athletic skills through on and off-season training with Christian coaches. PCS sports teams participate in the  Bicentennial Athletic League (BAL), competing with private and public schools in PA.

Fine arts programs

We foster creativity and talent through festivals, competitions, special honors courses, and experienced fine arts instructors. PCS has a rich program in visual and performing arts, allowing students to participate in select ensembles.

Student clubs and groups

Community and learning are integrated into our student clubs such as Bible studies, the “Lunch Bunch” Library Reading Group, drama club, sports club, and more.

Upper School-Prep

Equipping students for the next step

Our curriculum is designed to encourage preparation for Upper School, propelling students forward in pursuing their innate passions. During the spring of 8th grade, middle school students attend an orientation that will help them know what to expect in our upper school. This orientation not only helps students transition into their freshmen year, but can set them up for success in upper school and beyond.

Study skill classes are available for 7th and 8th-grade students to sharpen skills and practice goal-setting. We foster independence and responsibility by providing:

• Teacher support: Mentorship and guidance that encourages resourcefulness
• Self-management opportunities: Learning how to communicate with teachers to receive feedback and track progress
• Honors courses: Encouraging middle school students to challenge themselves with more difficult coursework

Campus Safety

Secure spaces for your middle schooler to thrive

Our learning community is located on a secure campus in Plumsteadville, PA. Most of our families commute 10-20 minutes to arrive at school. For additional safety, all visitors are required to sign in at the office and wear tags for identification. Door entrances are locked and accessed through school-designated key cards. 


Security cameras are present throughout the campus buildings and within nearby open areas to ensure the safety of our students and staff. 

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