3 Ways To Help Your High Schooler Have Healthy Friendships: Making friends in high school is important for your teen

How do you remember your high school years?

Many of us recall this period as one where we experienced tremendous growth. We worked hard to have good grades. We learned words of wisdom from our beloved teachers. And one that probably stands out: we made lifelong friendships. As a parent you know that making friends in high school is more than finding company in the same class. You want your teen to build relationships that will uplift them and bring them closer to God.

Positive friendships during these years play a role in shaping your high schooler into the man or woman God is calling him or her to be. Your high schooler’s friends can:

  • Influence. You are probably familiar with the adage: “Tell me who your friends are, and I will tell you who you are.” During these four years, your teen’s friends can impart ideas that will have a bearing on their decision-making.
  • Inspire. Friendships can inspire through encouragement, but they can also deter one’s confidence when they are unhealthy. Bullying and peer pressure can affect your teen’s mental and emotional well-being.
  • Ignite. The right relationships in high school will also spark your teen’s desire to pursue their passions and goals.

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3 Ways To Help Your Teen Have Healthy Friendships in High School

Talk about what makes a good friend.

The first step in guiding your teen to form healthy relationships is to discuss what makes a good friend. As your high schooler is maturing, it can be easy for them to assume that those willing to “accept” them are automatically their friends. Helping them understand that good friends are uplifting, supportive, and those who bring out the best in them is one of the key ways to mentor them in this area.

As a parent you can also shed light on healthy friendships by reflecting on your own relationships in conversations. You can tell your teen how thoughtful your close neighbor was to bring a care basket when she found out you were sick. On the other hand, you can also share how you didn’t appreciate when ladies in the park gossiped about that same neighbor. This helps your teen discern friendships that will encourage them toward positive growth.

The Christ-centered environment at Plumstead Christian School makes it possible for your teen to find a community where he or she will feel seen, known, and loved. We partner with parents like you to instill a culture where God’s love is felt both inside and outside our classrooms.

Be an open door for your teen to share about friendships.

There’s no greater comfort for your teen than knowing that you are a safe space for them to share their struggles in building or maintaining friendships. 

You can strike up conversations during dinner to talk about topics beyond their grades or academic performance. You can ask about the clubs and activities they’re involved in, or how it is going with their friend group in school or in church.

Here at PCS we offer a wealth of opportunities for Upper School students to find friends who share the same passions — allowing them to appreciate each other’s work. Our excellent fine arts program, athletics, and ministry opportunities serve as open doors for your teen to find like-minded peers who will push them toward growth. Pursuing hobbies and forming strong friendships while doing so has mental health benefits for your teen in the long run.

Get involved in your teen’s community.

As you guide your high schooler on forming healthy friendships another way to say “I care” is to be part of your teen’s community. Are there sports activities, volunteer work, and chaperone opportunities where you can get to know your teen’s friends?

Being involved shows that you celebrate your teen’s growing circle and trust their decisions in forming and keeping these relationships.

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